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Container Ship



ZMS is the go to name for competent manpower and seafarers. For a service organization like ours, we think that identifying and retaining seafarers (both officers and crew), as well as providing appropriate training, certification, and motivation, is critical to delivering high-quality work on board on a daily basis.


Crewing is managed at every level according to our business philosophy and management, at the input stage, the first time he is initiated into the our office, throughout service in accordance with STCW regulations, and in the case of retention, until he is medically fit to deliver responsibilities.


We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for cost-effective crew management solutions, as well as a multicultural and global development of seagoing employees.

We built and introduced a comprehensive QHSE Management Program to recognize risks to secure service and to ensure that QHSE problems are adequately handled and controlled based on the evaluation findings. Our operational management is spread across a diverse fleet of vessels, carrying out critical Procedures to guarantee security and health for all persons and vessels. We have a functioning Document of Compliance issued and maintained by a competent body, as well as the ISM system on board. As a result, we can act as a full fledged Technical Managers.


We can also and do assist other companies when our internal resources allow, providing particular assistance on a piecemeal basis as a third-party/outsourced Technical managers. Our operational approach has evolved beyond the traditional method of giving crew and technical reports. Once we have been hired to run the vessel, it is treated as if it were an owned vessel, with the highest care and diligence. Our officers and crew are all carefully selected to guarantee that our activities match our high standards.


Our operations approach is cost-effective, and we make decisions in conjunction with commercial leaders. We exclusively recruit people who are proficient in technological, operational, and regulatory domains.

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